The volt-action 12,7mm Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle is fed by 12,7 mm x 99 NATO (.50 BMG) ammunition. It is designed for precise destruction of important enemy objects (specialized technical equipment, command posts, communications objects, tanks of fuel, radar stations etc.) and to destroy enemy’s military equipment at the distance of 2000m and more. The Rifle also can be used for the counter-sniper tactics to eliminate the threat caused by an enemy snipers.

The Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle is used to destroy lightly armoured military equipment (terrain vehicles, aircraft at the airport, helicopters, radar equipment, technical devices etc.), targets protected by light covers at the distance up to 2000 m and living target at the distance over 2000 m.

Main characteristics:

  • small recoil force (reduced by 70% due to the muzzle brake)
  • low inertia of firing mechanism elements,
  • free-floating barrel,
  • option for using different types of sights,
  • 7 cartridge magazine,
  • large effective range (up to 2000 m).



Technical data

Action Bolt-action
Calibre 12,7 mm
Cartridge 12,7 mm x 99
Magazine 7 cartridges
Weapon length 1350 mm
Barrel length 880 mm
Weight 15,8 kg
Effective range 2000 m