The ZUR-23-2-KG system is equipped with 23mm cannons, GROM missiles, traverse and elevation electric drives. It can work in external FCS, it is equipped with programmable sight CP-1 (with night and day track, LRF, two ballistics ) or collimator sight CKE-2. The system can fight the targets by means of 23mm sub-calibre ammunition type API (BZT), HEI-T (OFZT), APDS-T and FAPDS-T.
The ZUR-23-2-KG system is designed to fight (using 23mm cannons and GROM missiles) low-flying air targets such as: aircraft, helicopters, winged rockets, unmanned flying objects, landing troops and unarmoured and lightly armoured ground targets.Main characteristics:

  • high reliability,
  • good technical and tactical features allow to fire the targets (which appear unexpectedly and move in different directions) with great efficiency,
  • the collimator sight CKE-2 or programmable sight CP-1 generates automatically (during target tracking) the proper leading angles for every action on the battlefield,
  • firing from different places in different weather and time conditions,
  • adaptation to the use of new, sub-calibre ammunition  and GROM missiles,
  • adaptation to work in external FCS.



Technical data

Weapon 2 x 23 mm cannon
2 x GROM missile launchers
Firing angles Horizontal 360 degrees
Vertical from -5 / -3 to +75 degrees
Practical rate of fire up to 400 rds./min. for one gun
Cannon range: maximal vertical/total/
maximal effective for ground targets
1500/2500/2000 m for API and HEI
2000/3000/2500 m for APDS and FAPDS
Maximal range of GROM missiles 5500 m
Height of the target flight
minimal/maximal for GROM missiles
10/3500 m
Missile firing angle Horizontal 360 degrees
Vertical from 0 to +70 degrees