The weapon is designed for disabling and fighting manpower, annihilation of technical equipment, buildings, firing assets, lightly armored vehicles, raising smokescreens or conducting non-lethal actions. The RGP-40 is a semi-automatic six round cylinder construction weapon – it fires grenades of 40 mm x 46 NATO caliber. The weapon has an integrated cylinder containing six chambers, each chamber is 140 mm long – this feature allows using various kinds of ammunition even of a particular type of usage. There are three Picatinny rails mounted on the barrel shield especially for additional accessories. Cover fire capabilities of the weapon allow covering a vast area of approximately 20 x 60 m within a distance of 400 m (600-800 m) without additional reloading of the weapon. The RGP-40 can be easily placed in the same category and class among other existing world solutions bearing in mind its’ weight, rate of fire and reliability.



Technical data

Technical data RGP-40
Ammunition 40 mm x 46 NATO
400-800 m
Length 850 mm
Weight 6,5 kg
Cylinder capacity
6 chambers (cylinder)
Work cycle (action)