Due to high fire efficiency, great range and accuracy, small weight and high manoeuvrability the light mortar LM-60D provides effective support to fighting units in all conditions, especially in the cities and uneven terrain. Steep round track and small size of the mortar in combat position allow to place it in deep cover which makes it difficult for detection. The LM-60D is characterized by easy handling and maintenance. It can be equipped with an optical sight CM-60 for rapid-fire, which can be easily used by soldiers who are not professional gunners.

The Mortar LM-60D 60 mm can be used against enemy manpower and enemy’s military devices located on counter slopes, ravines and behind terrain covers. It may be also used to destroy the observation and command posts as well as light fortifications during day and night, in all weather conditions. It is a typical weapon of mountain infantry, airmobile troops, landing troops, and special units.

Main characteristics:

  • high accuracy,
  • user-friendly weapon,
  • great range,
  • low weight,
  • high manoeuvrability,
  • high efficiency of fire,
  • long life (elements of construction and equipment are resistant to dirt).



Technical data

Calibre  60 mm
Range 70-2330 m
Rate of fire 25 strz./min.
Weight 19,3 kg
Number of operators 3/2
Work mode Single-shot