The LMP-2017 Light Infantry Mortar (60 mm) – as direct support means of fire – is designated for destructive kinetic interaction against opponent combat systems. Due to significant range and projectile high fragmentation, mortar fire ascertains effective support for fighting sub-divisions, in conditions of viable optic visibility, in any weather conditions at any time of day. The steep projectile trajectory and small dimensions of the mortar – in combat position – enable semi-indirect cover fire i.e. discerned from the firing standpoint.

The LMP-2017 is adapted to work in moderate, cold, tropical, dry and wet climates respectively. It complies with the requirements of the following group: N.14-O-II-A as per NO-06-A101÷103:2005. Operating temperature: from – 40 up to +55°C. Storage temperature: from – 40 up to +70°C.

The minimum endurance of the LMP-2017 equals 1500 shots, what gives advantage over the currently existing structures. The additional distinguishing competitive feature of the mortar is the amount of fired projectiles at constant rate which equals 30 rpm.

The following type of ammunition is applied to the LMP-2017 (Light Infantry Mortar):

  • 60 mm mortar projectile – high explosive fragmentation shell – O-LM60,
  • 60 mm mortar projectile – illuminating projectile – S-LM60,
  • 60 mm mortar projectile – high explosive frangible projectile – O-LM60N (M60-HE).


Technical data


Barrel caliber 60 mm
Maximum pressure of gunpowder gases in the barrel 28± MPa
Maximum range (for O-LM60 projectile) min. 1100 m
Maximum range (for O-LM60N projectile) min. 1300 m
Minimum range max. 100 m
Sight target angle scope 45° ÷85 °
Weight of the LMP-2017 ≤ 7.5
Maximum rate of fired projectiles at a steady fire 30 pcs.
Practical rate of fire without sight adjustments 25 rpm
Rate of fire with sight adjustments 10 rpm
Personnel service 2 soldiers
Minimum personnel service 1 soldier
Sight Liquid
Electric power supply of the sight Battery CR123 (3V)