The Shooting Range enables firing training within a 5 to 50 m distance with application of live ammunition or laser indicators. The shooting zone of the range is designed for firing in standing or moving positions – various shooting exercises in motion are practiced at an open line of fire. The typical weapons used for the training are the following: a) pistols and revolvers of central and side ignition – calibers up to 11.43 mm, b) machine guns – calibers up to 9 mm, c) assault rifles – calibers up to 5.56 mm (e.g. Beryl, Miniberyl) the firing mode can be single fire or automatic; standard ammunition: jacketed hollow point bullets (JHP), or full metal jacketed bullets (FMJ) with soft core. The Mobile Container Shooting Range is a highly specialized facility for conducting professional shooting practice. The greatest advantage of the object is that the training can be organized in any place and time because it is mobile – this feature saves a lot of logistic problems. For example the training can be organized for Police Officers at their station or for Border Guard at the border crossing checkpoints. This flexibility is a valuable asset – the shooting range can be set and ready for training in any given area within very short time. The basic version consists of two or more containers allowing shooting training in regular or changeable positions in the open firing line within a 5 to 50 m distance. Another crucial advantage of the shooting range is an interactive training simulator for live ammunition firing – the simulator can change its’ mode to laser shooting using weapon replicas with laser pointers. The simulator allows lengthening the axis of shooting zone up to 200 m.


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