The LOOK container increases the protection level of soldiers/officers controlling military objects, installations, checkpoints (due to armour anduseof observations devices withinthe visible and infrared light), reduces the soldier losses and fights the threats in controlled areas by means of integrated armament.

Each container is equipped with: monitor observation and control stand for thecommander of the guard, the shooter stand with observational and control screen panel and manipulator, communication system, armoured windows on three sides, hatch in the roof for manual operation, heating system with air conditioning and as an option – emergency power generator. The container construction is very easy for transport operations.

Intended useThe Light Observation-Protective Container(LOOK)is designed to secure and protect the soldiers who perform observational and defence tasks (e.g. at the checkpoints, military bases or other relevant strategic objects)during war or stability time. It can be part of military base protection system or operate autonomously.

Main characteristics:

  • resistant to fire through the use of armour and bulletproof windows,
  • easy transport and high mobility,
  • it can be equipped with remote-controlled firing station and observation-detection sensors, which provide an effective and safe firing,
  • air-condition and place of rest which allow long-term performance of tasks in comfortable conditions,
  • it can be autonomous unit as well as the part of  military base protection system,
  • integrated action of the devices: an observation-sighting devices of the container with the sight devices of the shooter, remote control of shooting station for detection, identification and then destroying the target.