The ZSU-23-4MP “BIAŁA” is a modernization of the ”, which significantly improves its combat, tactical and tractional features. The range and efficiency in fighting against air targets were doubled; the response time of the system was also reduced.
The work of the system is completely passivized, the service of the system was simplified, which enabled to reduce the crew from four to three soldiers. The system is integrated with anti-air command system. The detection range is 8-10 km, target tracking range is 7-8 km.
The Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Missile System ZSU-23-4MP “BIAŁA” is designed to fight low-flying air targets (using 23mm cannons and GROM missiles) such as: aircraft, helicopters, winged rockets, unmanned flying objects, landing troops and unarmoured and lightly armoured ground targets.Modernization covers following:

  • enhancement of moving abilities and range increase,
  • reduction of  the thermal and electromagnetic spectrum of the system,
  • adaptation of undetectable optoelectronic digital Fire Control System, which allows to track the targets all day and night,
  • providing two double containers for the GROM anti-aircraft missiles, which doubled the range flying targets can be engaged,
  • adaptation the new, sub-calibre ammunition, which enable to increase the range flying and land targets can be engaged,
  • elimination of radar,  commander and drivers active observation sensors,
  • new passive optoelectronic-observation head,
  • significant reduction of thermal radiation, which revealed the set on the battlefield very quickly,
  • increasing of the target tracking range in the conditions of restricted visibility through the use of the passive infrared tracks,
  • providing the high-tech digital communications system, which enables the exchange of tactical data with  the superordinate anti-aircraft command system.



Technical data

Weapon  4 x 23 mm cannon
4 x GROM missile launchers
Firing angles  Horizontal 360 degrees
Vertical from -4 to +85 degrees
Practical rate of fire up to 400 rds./min. for one gun
Cannon range: maximal vertical/total/
maximal effective for ground targets
1500/2500/2000 m for API and HEI
2000/3000/2500 m for APDS and FAPDS
Maximal range of GROM missiles 5500 m
Height of the target flight
minimal/maximal for GROM missiles
10/3500 m
Missile firing angle Horizontal 360 degrees
Vertical from 0 to +70  degrees