The ZSU-23-4MP „BIAŁA” is a modernized version of the ZSU-23-4 four-barrel self-propelled anti-aircraft cannon named „Shilka” – the improved version is more efficient and its’ combat, tracking and tactical features are enhanced as well. The range and effectiveness of combating airborne targets were amplified and even doubled while the response time of the system had been significantly reduced. The combat work cycle had been completely changed to a passive system, as the result of simplification of service activities the operation procedures require now less work, therefore the crew was reduced from four to three soldiers. The artillery rocket set was integrated with air-defense command and control system. The target detection range varies from 8 to 10 km while target tracking range varies from 7 to 8 km.
With application of 23 mm cannons and “GROM” missiles, the ZSU-23-4MP „BIAŁA” is devoted for annihilation of low flying airborne targets such as: aircrafts, helicopters, surface-to-air missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, airborne forces, unarmored and lightly armored terrestrial targets.