The Remote Controlled Weapon Systems ZSMU are designed to arm military vehicles to provide them with possibility of self-defence and improve the safety of the crew. The ZSMU enables to destroy light armoured vehicles, low flying aircraft and manpower.

The Remote Controlled Weapons Stations ZSMU-1276 are designed to equip a wide range of vehicles, vessels and stationary objects. Integrated optoelectronic head ZMO-1 with thermal camera, daylight video camera and laser rangefinder enables to destroy light armoured ground targets and low flying aircraft during the day and night conditions. One-man crew is able to observe the battlefield and fire from a safe interior of the vehicle. The installation does not require any significant changes within the vehicle or object structure. The ZSMU-1276 have the ability to work in safe mode (with no power supply) with manual handling of the machine gun and trigger. Two versions of the ZSMU are available – A3 with external ammunition feeding (it does not take a space inside the carrier) and C1 with internal ammunition feedingby means of elastic sleeve (the crew is protected against influence of external factors). It is possible to use in the ZSMU armament both of NATO and Russian standard (i.e. 12,7 mm HMG NSW UTIOS/WKM-Bm or 7,62 mm GPMG PKT/UKM 2000C) which is very unique solution in the world. Changing weapons takes only a few minutes. The 81 mm smoke grenade launchers are offered as an optional equipment.

The ZSMU main characteristics:

  • one-man crew,
  • very easy weapon change  and ammunition replenishment,
  • ammunition feeding: internal from the carrier  or external from the ammo box,
  • modular construction,
  • possibility of arming in 12,7 mm  HMGs (NSW UTIOS or WKM-Bm)  and 7,62mm MGs (PKT or UKM 2000C),
  • modern optoelectronic head.



Technical Data

ZSMU–1276 A3 ZSMU–1276 A3 ZSMU–1276 C1 ZSMU–1276 C1
Armament WKM-Bm UKM-2000C WKM-Bm UKM-2000C
Ammunition 12,7 mm x 99 7,62 mm x 51 12,7 mm x 99 7,62 mm x 51
Range 2000 m 1500 m 2000 m 1500 m
Weight 197 kg 180 kg 169 kg 152 kg
Ammunition volume 150 cartridges 250 cartridges 150 cartridges 250 cartridges
Feeding/reloading electric electric electric electric