ZSMU-1276 A5 Remote Controlled Weapon Station

ZSMU-1276 Remote Controlled Weapon Station

The ZSMU-1276 Remote Controlled Weapon Station is designed to mount on a variety of vehicle platforms, vessels and stationary objects. The RWCS ZMO-1 integrated sensor unit includes a daylight video camera, a thermal imager for night operations and a laser rangefinder. The ZSMU-1276 enables to destroy lightly armored ground targets and low-flying aircraft during the day and night conditions.

The ZSMU-1276 provides the one-man crew with the ability to acquire and engage targets while inside a vehicle, protected by its armor. The installation of the RWCS does not require any significant changes in the structure of the vehicle or object. The ZSMU-12.7 have the ability to work in safe mode (with no electric supply) with manual guidance of machine gun and trigger service.

ZSMU-1276 A5 version has a dual armament, main armament – 7,62 mm UKM 2000C machine gun coupled with 12,7 mm WKM-Bm machine gun , which can be replaced by 12,7 mm WKM-Bm machine gun, 40 mm grenade machine gun or another 7,62 mm UKM 2000C machine gun, system is equipped with sight axis line stabilization system and videotracker.Changing of the weapon takes only a few minutes. The 81 mm smoke grenade launchers are offered as an optional equipment.