The ZU-23-2MR “Wróbel” II Naval Anti-Aircraft cannon is intended for the vessels and watercrafts (ships and boats). The cannon annihilates airborne targets such as: aircrafts, helicopters, surface-to-air missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, airborne troops, unarmored targets, lightly armored terrestrial targets and watercrafts. The ZU-23-2MR is equipped with the following mechanisms: electro-hydraulic drives which control the cannon in azimuth and elevation and an embedded hydraulic reloading system. The weapon is armed with the two 23 mm cannons – the internal liquid coolant prevents the system from overheating. The two cannons are fed from the two loading ammunition magazines – each containing 200 rounds ammunition belt. The cannon can be fired by one person and it is adjusted to sub-caliber ammunition.



Technical data

Firing assets 2 cannons (2A14) – caliber: 23 mm
Artillery firing angles Horizontal: 360° (traverse)
Vertical: from -10° to +90°
Rounds per minute (rpm) 400 rpm (for one automatic gun)
Practical range: maximum vertical/angular/horizontal

Effective range for terrestrial targets

1500/2500/2000 m (for API and HEI)

2000/3000/2500 m (for APDS and FAPDS)