60 MM Light Mortar Combat LMC


60,7 mm light infantry mortar LMC as a direct support fire agent is designed for destructive kinetic effects on enemy combat systems. Due to the high range and high fragmentation of the projectile, the mortar fire provides effective support to the fighting units under optical visibility in all weather conditions, both during the day and at night. The steep trajectory of the missile and the small dimensions of the mortar in the combat position allow the targets to be struck by semi-indirect fire, i.e. observed from the firing position.



Technical data

Barrel caliber 60,7 mm
Length 850 mm
Height 230 mm
Maximal range
min.1300 m
Minimal range max. 110 m
Shot angle range for the scope 45° ÷ 85°
Weight ≤ 7,5 kg
Maximum pressure of gunpowder gases in the barrel 28±2 MPa
Rate of fire without correcting the aiming 25 rds./min
Rate of fire with improved aiming rounds 10 rds./min
Maximum number of rounds fired by continuous fire 30
Recommended service 2 operators
Minimum service 1 operator
Sight digital