Informational Technology systems branch in our company is open to cooperation in scope of software and hardware development in the following areas:

  • software for dedicated control units – in-house production of enhanced modular computers,
  • testing software development, service and interface user support,
  • specialized integrated systems,
  • low-level software of systems physical layers,
  • security systems and high reliability systems software development.

Our workshops are equipped with the following software and tools:

  • QT, Visual Studio, AVR Studio, LPC Xpresso, Matlab, SVN, GitHub.

Cooperation with the Research and Development Center

The cooperation with the R&D center may include participation of our experts who specialize in electronics, software development or engineering mechanics in clearly defined areas that aim for specific results and effective technical advice. Such cooperation might include a broader scope of works, for example device manufacturing, starting with an idea and set of objectives and ending with an extensively tested ready product. We design complex electronical and mechanical devices. Military and defense industry is very demanding; therefore the group of interdisciplinary engineers working in our Research and Development Center achieves safe solutions in an estimated time frame taking into consideration cost-optimized budget. Concluding, excellent project management system ensures easy flow of information and reliable progress update for customer and employees.

Regarding the electronic engineering domain of electronical devices we cooperate in the following areas:

  • specialized modular computers,
  • drive systems,
  • control consoles,
  • specialized master-slave manipulators,
  • data acquisition and data visualization systems through sensor network.

Regarding the specialized electronics domain we cooperate in the following areas:

  • oscilloscope and multispectral measurements for devices,
  • preparations for testing the electromagnetic compatibility,
  • insulation resistance measurements,
  • torque measurements,
  • climatic stress research on devices,
  • mechanical hazard research.

In our daily work we use the following software and tools:

  • Altium Designer,
  • Matlab,
  • Lab View,
  • Laboratory devices such as: Tektronix and Fluke.