The ZMT MWS-38 (SKW .338) is a modular semi-automatic sniper rifle (DMR) chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum . It was designed in a specific way to fulfill strict requirements of the modern battle field. Operation, design and modularity are the same as in the ZMT MWS-25 rifle. The rifle can be offered with a 22″ or 26″ barrel. The rifle is dedicated both to military, law enforcement and civilian sport shooters.

Rifle is a short stroke gas piston operated with adjustable four-stage gas regulator, which ensures that the weapon can work fine with suppressors. The design features ambidextrous safety , magazine release and the bolt catch levers. The rifle is characterized by a full interchangeability of parts, and same ergonomics like the AR15/HK416 rifles. The barrel of the rifle can be easily replaced. Handguard can be offered in two versions: M-LOK or KeyMod. Rifles can be equipped fixed or folding buttstock assembly.