PILICA – the anti-aircraft artillery rocket system


PILICA – the anti-aircraft artillery rocket system is dedicated for aircraft defense, it is a short-range system (V-SHORAD).

The PSR-A PILICA evolved from the previously existing construction to the entirely new system, it was elaborated on the basis of experience and knowledge of the constructors working in the Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A. who previously modernized earlier versions of the 23 mm anti-aircraft cannons and artillery rocket systems. The application of new technology solutions significantly improved effectiveness, firing accuracy and quality of the PSR-A PILICA. The system is capable of protection and coverage of single objects, such as command posts or larger areas, for example military units, airport and logistics bases against any air assaults.

The PSR-A PILICA is equipped with an integral sub-system of target detection and identification, combat and object management on the ground, in the air and on water surfaces, – these features allow the PSR-A PILICA achieving high combat effectiveness while maintaining high mobility and keeping low exploitation costs. The PSR-A PILICA is capable of destroying aircrafts and combat helicopters thanks to the increased speed of object detection and target tracking.

The PSR-A PILICA detects, recognizes and identifies objects, and then distributes separate tasks and commands in an automated way. The firing unit is capable of individual target detection, identification and combat in an autonomous mode (without sending data to the command post), the opto-electronic head and the IFF system makes it possible for the firing unit to work individually and autonomously. While switched to the system mode. However, when the system is switched to operation by the command post, the firing unit and its sub-systems receive data, commands and tasks in a separate data collection zone, this is a separate area of firing responsibility where the device reports statuses of executed combat tasks. The command reporting and task data receival collected in the command post is conducted in an automated way. The firing unit can be operated manually, the shooter can perform firing while keeping the automatic target tracking feature on (manual mode). The firing unit is equipped with a portable console for remote control, this device is for remote service. In case of power outage, failure or any power supply emergencies, the user can switch the device entirely to manual mode, at all times of its usage, using provided artillery weaponry. The firing unit is also equipped with a stabilized opto-electronic head with day-night vision, the head can work independently and autonomously in scope of area observation, target detection and identification. The head is not only a part of the guidance system, it is the main source of information for the entire system, because the detected, traced and recognized targets are rendered by the device in form of data, and this data is initially collected and then exchanged within the entire command network of the PSR-A PILICA.

The system consists of six firing units which are equipped with the following components: artillery vehicles, command posts, radio and radar stations; two transporting vehicles and two ammunition trucks. This is an autonomous battery, the firing units can work in a network-centric command system, nonetheless they have capability to work entirely in an automatic mode.