Command post


By the name command post we must understand the entire vehicle dedicated for control – the vehicle consists of the following parts: command terminal, combat fire control panel, means of communication box, for exchanging information and data with an overriding command post, radar and radiolocation station, for monitoring the state of readiness and ongoing combat activities conducted by the subordinate firing units.

The command post is built up in the Jelcz vehicle. This is a special vehicle designed for military purposes, it is dedicated for military structures, it is used on public roads and on paved roads in off-road conditions. The command posts dedicated for officers and commanders are in the cabin of the vehicle. The command post carries out the tasks of the entire firing unit battery command process – it is designated to implement the two kinds of tasks: tactical command (directing the fight) and fire command (fire control).

The communication box is mounted on the cargo platform of the vehicle. The box is a build-up settlement for the Information Communications Technology devices (ICT) and the power supply system of the command post. The box itself is a kind of physical protection for the devices placed inside the RED zone it is also a material protection against electromagnetic emission.

The command post software is tasked to support command processes and to direct the fight of the subordinate firing units. It captures and converts images of air traffic plight, from the collected data, it also acquires the operational and tactical information from the devices equipped in the battery. The software used in the command post is capable of managing, guiding and controlling not less than six firing units, one radiolocation station, and it is also adapted to connect one external radiolocation station or one overriding command post, in order to increase operational awareness of the commander in chief.

The fire control subsystem of the command post consists of the two posts, which are built on the basis of portable computers (notebooks, laptops) that were preliminarily programed with a proper software tasked for peek-preview of the situation and decision-making. It is also equipped with a weather sensor, in order to collect meteorological data, and the GPS receiver which transmits positioning data.

The emergency subsystem of the command post is designated to protect classified information, that may take place at the command post, against third parties: e.g. sabotage or espionage activities, or access by unauthorized persons. It is also secured against assault, burglary or theft.

The contamination removal subsystem of the command post secures protection of the personnel staying inside the cabin. In any case of vehicle exploitation in the contaminated area, the ventilation and filtering devices mounted in the vehicle, protect the crew against harmful gases, the ventilation system creates excess pressure of clean air in the cabin.