The WLKM-12.7 Multi-Barrel Machine Gun is an externally driven electric-powered Gatling-style gun fed with 12.7 mm x 99 NATO (.50 BMG) ammunition fixed in a M9 disintegrating ammunition belt. The application of four rotating barrels helped to achieve a huge rate of fire up to 3600 rpm. The weapon can be used as an armament for a helicopter turret – e.g. W-3PL Głuszec or as aerial gun pod equipment. The usage varies; other than that the weapon can be used for ground vehicles, floating units, boats, permanent or mobile firing posts. The WLKM 12.7 is designated against manpower, surface targets, and aerial objects of differential resistance parameters.



Technical Data

Technical data WLKM 12.7
Ammunition 12.7 mm x 99 NATO
Range 2 200 m
Length 1 300 mm
Barrel length 900 mm
Weight 50 kg
Rpm (rounds per minute) 3 600 rpm